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First, a little bit of history:

With our inaugural season in 2009, the WWCFL is the first all women's inter provincial tackle football league in Western Canada. 

The program's roots are based in Alberta with the Calgary Rockies. The Rockies started over a decade ago and were the pioneers for women's tackle football in Western Canada. Year two of the Rockies, the team invited a member of the now Manitoba Fearless and a few of the current Edmonton Storm to their "pre-season" camp (even though they had no season) and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Almost a decade has passed since the Rockies set the wheels in motion. Hundreds of practices were held, with only a few games each year. We held on for our lives until a league could be started. 

Calgary is now home to the Rage and there are currently four teams in Alberta, two in Saskatchewan and two in Manitoba. The eight teams of dedicated football junkies of the WWCFL is a dream come true for every female that has ever dreamt of playing football but never had the chance. We've come a long way and we're here to stay!! 

The WWCFL’s player assignment/registration process is to make it as reasonably convenient and accommodating as possible for players to participate in the game of football while still ensuring each participating team has means and opportunity to grow their programs.

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a) All players must register with their local Provincial Sporting Organization (PSO) and WWCFL Registrar (using the WWCFL Registrar form) prior to playing/taking part in a WWCFL event, including events such as jamborees, exhibition games and/or league games. 

b) All players must be female and be 16 years of age or older prior to the commencement of their WWCFL season, including all WWCFL events such as jamborees, exhibition games and/or league games. 

 c) Failure in a player to comply with the above requirements will result in the unregistered player being suspended for their next game, including regular season or playoffs. 

d) If a player becomes pregnant, they are ineligible to participate in any WWCFL on field activity. 

e) The WWCFL reserves the rights to not register or not permit any player to play: 

            i. Who cannot produce a Birth Certificate (or satisfactory medical certificate) upon request, or 

           ii. Whose participation would be detrimental to the WWCFL, as defined in By-law 11.05. 

f) Transfers are granted at the sole discretion of the home team or at the request of the WWCFL. 

g) All reasonable efforts should be made by the teams involved to accommodate the circumstances associated with that player(s) situation.

For more information, click here to see the full WWCFL by-law document.

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